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Who We Work With

Our clients are successful multi-national organizations and leaders who operate on a global scale, with operations in China, Asia, and the U.S.

You've made your mark.  And you also have a reservoir of untapped potential which, if you can access it, can supercharge your work and your life.

Our clients are committed to developing—and being—the kind of leaders who can operate in environments that transcend cultures, that are constantly changing, and that demand the best. 

These leaders are at the C-suite level, GM’s or VP’s leading a division or group, and high potential leaders at the point of stepping up. Many are senior women leaders. What they share is a commitment to bringing their full potential—their whole selves—to their work.


Are some of these situations true for you?

I’ve just been promoted to CEO, and I feel overwhelmed by what needs to be done in this new role. There are many demands on me, and so many constituencies to please. How can I stay consistent with my values and strengths and begin to steer the organization in a new direction?”


My company has identified me as a high potential leader, and I need support to grow into the next role, and the next beyond that. I have the chance to move from my current job into one with countrywide and possibly global responsibilities. What can I do to step up my game?”


What’s made me successful so far is not working as well now, and I am not sure what it is that I need to do more of/less of. I’ve felt pretty confident in getting things done, but as I’ve risen, I find that there are times I am not as effective in influencing others. How can I figure out what I can be doing better, and can I really change?”


I am one of the few senior women in the organization, and I don’t feel my voice is really being heard. A seat at the table is great, but sometimes I feel frustrated that I am not getting my points across. What’s up?”


My organization is going through huge changes and it’s hard to stay on an even keel and keep the team—and myself—motivated. How can I keep some balance? I am running as fast as I can, and I still can’t seem to stay on top of things, to do my best work, or to get the best from others.”


I’ve accomplished a lot. What’s next? How and where can I make a real contribution? How can I shift from success to significance?”


We work with clients who are looking not only for tools and practices to become better leaders, but who want a new way of leading.

They largely understand what needs doing as a leader. It’s the being of leadership that is the most critical, and yet most elusive part. And ultimately, it’s also the most practical and results-oriented part: creating shifts in leadership behavior that bring greater productivity and contribution.


Here’s what distinguishes our clients

Our clients share certain characteristics that make them successful in coaching with us. If you identify with these, we can have a good fit in our work together.

  • Curiosity and willingness to learn – we are all lifelong learners, no matter how smart or successful we are, and curiosity about ourselves as leaders and what’s possible is a great asset.
  • Values are important and inform your leadership – values like integrity, truth, care, and contribution are the foundation for your own work, and for our mutual work.
  • Desire to partner, to create in concert – coaching is an art of true “co-creation”; it’s done together based on your needs, not “off the shelf” stuff; we access your wisdom that is right for what you face.
  • Openness to experiment, to try on new things – this is the heart of coaching, the willingness to take “modest but recoverable experiments”, to try and fail and try again.
  • Healthy self-perspective and humor – leadership is a serious business – and in the end, we can’t take ourselves too seriously about it all.

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