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If you would like to explore working with Ann Fisher and Integral Coaching International, here's how we start our work:

  1. An initial phone call or meeting, to discuss your needs and objectives for coaching, so we can determine the best approach.
  2. As appropriate, we will prepare a proposal summarizing the objectives and laying out the coaching program.
  3. With your comments/approval, we then begin the initial phase of our coaching, with intake/assessments, followed by goals/commitment and creating your action plan.
  4. We move into on-going coaching and real-time learning.

For more detail about how we work, please see Our Approach.


To find out if coaching is for you, please call 1-312-560-5840 or use the secure email form below.

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Time Zone:  We are on Eastern Daylight time. 

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To find out if coaching is for you, please call +86 1500 218 9580,
email or visit
Time Zone: We are on Shanghai time, China Standard Time (CST).
During U.S. Daylight Savings time, we are +12 hours EDT (East Coast), +13 CDT, +14 MDT, and +15 PDT.
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