C-Suite Coaching

Coaching the C-Suite

Leading at the highest levels takes a particular combination of qualities. Our coaching can truly leverage the experienced and skilled leader.

We work with C-level leaders to sharpen their impact.  Our work with CEO’s, CFO’s and other senior leaders has focused on both the “hard” skills of what it takes to deliver results and the “soft” skills of how to navigate the relationships, flourishing in the “fishbowl”, and the “being” part of the leadership equation.


We provide honest perspective. A leader can feel isolated at the top. Our work typically takes the form of assessing the leader’s image, impact and strengths, with on-going one-on-one coaching providing the core of the work. Engagements tend to be longer-term, one to three years, to provide the leader with a consistent, focused, private space for counsel and a sounding board. And we are not afraid to "call" a leader on what he may not be seeing, on what's holding him back.


We go where the CEO needs to focus. Discussion might include visioning and purpose work, communicating and living the vision, working with the board, aligning the senior leadership team, building a legacy, and maintaining a productive, integrated work life.


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