Executive Coaching

Coaching Senior & Hi-Potential Executives

Working with us provides the learning edge they want -- and the leverage their companies need to have them be highly productive.

We give successful executives the opportunity to grow their leadership skills in a “hands-on” way. Coaching has become an indispensable development tool for leaders -- coaching is now used by 70% of companies to enhance the productivity of their executives. Through an “appreciative inquiry” process and selective use of assessments, we discover what key strengths the executive has. We look at how these can be leveraged in developing specific behaviors and skills they want more of.

We plan for results and welcome the unexpected. The real benefits come in the longer-term relationship, with the setting of measurable goals, establishment of an action plan, and check-ins over the typical 6-12 month engagement. [See Our Approach] Clients try out new behaviors in “real time”, in meetings and with their teams, and report back their learnings. We recalibrate, and they go forward. Sometimes, during the process, clients have real “ah ha’s”, discoveries of particular strengths, successes that are unanticipated, and real shifts in how others perceive them. By the nature of coaching, these are lasting, beyond the one-off “training highs” that might come from a workshop.

Our executive coaching work can have a particular focus:

  • On-boarding – A disciplined, practical approach to the “first 100 days” that maps the key areas of focus for the executive and that helps them to set initial goals, to navigate the new situation, to build credibility, to anticipate challenges, and to make their mark early on.
  • High Potential – Working with the “keepers”, the future senior leaders, to bring their game up to a global level, using assessments to target leadership qualities and “ real time” coaching on behaviors that they want to enhance.
  • Transitions – Whether it’s a merger or acquisition, a new team or a restructuring, a transition is an opportunity to provide executives with support, by means of a thorough review of the situation, of the leader’s strengths, leverage points, possible pitfalls and creation of a transformation action plan.


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