Women's Leadership

We know the territory.

Working with numerous women executives over her decade as a coach, and as a leader, Ann is well-positioned to help women excel in their roles.

We help senior women to step fully into their power as leaders. They are already successful, and there is something more that they want: a unique leadership style that gets results. We work with these leaders to discover what this means for them and how to put it to work.

We are the same -- and we are different. We all share human qualities and aspirations, and the drive to be a successful, Integral Leader is the same for women as it is for men. And, there are distinctions in how women excel in leadership: how they leverage emotional competence, how their presence is felt, and how they juggle the various demands of work and life, among other things. 

We work with these in our coaching and explore different topics, such as:

  • Finding Your Voice – What is your authentic, unique voice and how can you speak from this as a leader?
  • Striking a Balance – How can you juggle your work, raising a family, finding personal time, and still attain the success you want?
  • Integral Presence – How do you come across as a leader and draw on your deepest values, strengths and character to chart a course?
  • A Seat at the Table – What does it take to be a fully functioning leader at the highest level?
  • Women’s Leadership Wisdom in China – How does China’s culture and history frame how women leaders in China operate, and how is it a point of leverage?
  • Leading with Purpose – What is your purpose, why are you doing what you do, and how do you want to make a particular difference?


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