International Transitions

Coaching International Transitions

Integral Coaching International provides the critical support that gets international executives grounded fast and contributing quickly.



We assist executives who are shifting overseas to make successful transitions. From direct experience, we know what it takes to “parachute” into a new country and a new role. We work with clients who are relocating for an overseas assignment, to provide them with broader perspective and the tools to navigate in this new situation. An engagement can be 6-9 months, as needed.


We balance the “soft” and the “hard”. With the client, we look both at cultural issues, the transitional challenges, as well as what it takes to develop actionable strategies and to create initial “wins”.  We develop a 100-day transition plan that helps guide our client during the most critical period.


Our work extends to the return transition. The hardest time is often the return home, when the executive finds his/her overseas work has changed, but they have landed in an environment that may not be as comfortable now. We work with leaders as they prepare to return, and as they shift into their new roles, to help them manage the changes and to find their center and best contribution.

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