Integral Leadership

Coaching the Whole Person

We provide an integrated, holistic approach to leadership, designed to tap into a leader's greatest values, strengths, and purpose, to create optimal work.



Our 4-part Integral Leader model taps into the innate wisdom and potential of the leader, enhancing his/her ability to bring all capabilities to work. Our Integral Leadership program explores the following spheres, from both an “inner” self-development and an “outer” results and contribution standpoint:


  • Foundation:  Spirit -- Values, Meaning, Vision, Purpose, Talents/Strengths,  Intuition, Creativity
  • Fuel:  Heart -- Passion, Self-expression, Connection, Empathy, Compassion, Dialogue, Listening, Courage
  • Framework:  Mind -- Focus, Clarity, Order, Beliefs, Habits of Mind, Strategy, Intention, Plans, Goals
  • Forward Momentum:  Body -- Physical energy, Health, Voice, Expression, Presence, Momentum, Movement Into Action


Our ultimate objective for the Integral Leader is Fullness: integration and becoming the fullest expression of who the leader can be, so he/she can have the maximum impact.


This work can be part of an executive coaching engagement or a stand-alone program.  All our coaching work is informed by an Integral approach.  Some clients, who find themselves at a key inflection point in their careers or lives, choose to take a deeper dive into what makes them tick, and how they can bring their fullest talents into play, by exploring who they can be as Integral Leaders.  Typically, work like this may extend from 6-12 months, with follow-up meetings on a regular basis, to support the shifts the client is making.


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