Does coaching make a difference?

Feedback from Integral Coaching International clients bears out the value of coaching.


"Ms. Fisher guided me in my development of an individual action plan that focused on the results of 360 degree feedback from my boss, peers, and direct reports. Through her professional experience, knowledge, and insight, I found that she easily connects with both the needs of the company, as well as the individual. She displayed a passion for assisting me in my growth, was highly accessible, and kept me focused on my plan…I highly recommend Ms. Fisher to any organization that wishes to further develop the leadership competencies of their high potential employees.”

General Manager, Chicago Operations, LSG, a division of Lufthansa


“The work I have done with you this past year has definitely been key to my accomplishments and I am so grateful for you!”

CEO, Hagerty Insurance


“I wanted you to know that the [division] meeting I spearheaded today went very well. [My boss] gave me his personal thanks for a job well done, and many folks from the meeting came up to me and said it was the best meeting we had ever had…so…wow…all my hard work did pay off with that Stretch Goal!...I highly recommend you to other women (and men too of course!) who are trying to become successful leaders. To quote Colin Powell, “Effective leaders are made, not born. They learn from trial and error, and from experience.” You showed me the way to discover what was within me, to develop and nurture it, and find the best path to bring it out. I will always be grateful to you Ann.”

VP Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, The William Wrigley, Jr. Company


“What I enjoy most about working with you is the insights, persepctive, experience and compassion you bring to your work -- in fact, it's really not work, but rather, who you are."

SVP Clinical Strategy & Innovation, WellPoint Inc.


“These meetings are so wonderful. They’re like a jump-start. It clears away the clouds. I come away so energized.”  

Managing Director, Asia, BusinessWeek


“Thank you so much for your help keeping me centered. I can’t imagine going through this “high growth” time without your coaching.”

VP Marketing, Avaya


 “This work has been extremely helpful. My wife says I am a much happier camper these days.” 

SVP, Leo Burnett

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