Expected Results

What Are the Results?

We are committed to achieving real results for our clients, whether in navigating a transition or changing leadership behaviors.


Here are the types of real results we've delivered for our clients that you can achieve:
Executive transitions are smoother, faster and more productive. Whether it’s a new CEO coming on board, or an existing leader taking on greater responsibility, this is an excellent time for executive coaching. Using an on-boarding framework, our clients plot out their ‘100 day plan’ and get grounded, savvy, strategic, and into action in a shorter time period.
High potential leaders get the support and guidance that allows them to move into their next roles sooner. Using available or new assessments, we work with HiPo’s to identify their strengths and the leadership “gaps” they want to develop. These fast-track clients are “ready now” sooner, and respond to the support with strong commitments to the company and to the work.
Executives at a “tipping point” in their leadership learning can find support for making lasting behavioral changes. The shift from manager to leader, or group leader to enterprise leader, is fraught with peril at times, and our coaching support helps to provide an environment to “practice” higher-level leadership behaviors, and this yields a more cohesive team and strategic level thinking.
Women leaders who face challenges on their rise to senior ranks can find and work from their unique contribution. Our coaching takes a strengths-based approach, and Ann Fisher’s experience as a senior level executive helps women leaders to create a constructive, practical framework for a sustainable development plan, and to find their own voice.
Balanced executives are more productive. Of course, “balance” is relative (and perfect balance is not possible!) but having a coach on your side, supporting you in an effort to manage stress and stay centered, can lead to more integrated work life and allow you to actually accomplish far more. Using regular custom-designed self-management “practices” unlocks new possibilities, particularly during times of transition and challenge.
Leaders identify and orient around their leadership legacy. The orientation to contribution is a critical part of becoming an Integral Leader, and, through a “Wisdom Gathering” process, we support those senior executives who are looking at the bigger picture and for ways to create a broader impact in their organization and their communities.


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