Guiding Values

Our Values

A number of key values inform our work. The relationship we build with our clients is the bedrock of our work.

Our Guiding Values and Beliefs are simple:
  • Integrity – act always in accordance with the deepest truth and honesty
  • Trust – create a unique safe space without barriers or pretense
  • Connection – provide a communication and bond that goes beyond the expected
  • Commitment – fiercely hold the space for each client to achieve his or her highest possibilities and dreams
  • Meaning – recognize and honor that which gives life purpose
  • Fun – hold all this with grace and lightness
We believe that:
  • Our clients have the answers. We all have inner wisdom, and this is what we tap into in our coaching, along with sharing tools and practices that allow us tof access this more easily and often in our work.
  • Our clients are resourceful and whole. Coaching is not about “fixing” anything. It’s an agreement with the client to take responsibility for doing the work of coaching, with the coach as catalyst and support.
  • Leadership is an “inside” job. It begins with who we are as a person, from values and vision, and it shows up in how we connect and carry ourselves at work and in the world. So, all our leadership coaching starts with the individual and works from the inside out, expanding into the impact a leader has on his team and organization. 

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