Coaching Program

What's It Like To Be Coached?

Learn more about the process and the benefits of a relationship that's 100% dedicated to your growth and advancement.

Integral Coaching takes a customized approach to each client. We have a framework for our coaching engagements, which provides continuity, specific deliverables, and review points along the way. And we go where each client needs to go.
Coaching is a blend of “art” and “science”, using a disciplined process within which there is flexibility to go where is most valuable for the executive being coached. It is a true partnership, for the benefit of the client and providing a private environment of support, inquiry, reflection, learning, and challenge. Most senior level coaching engagements last 9-12 months, and many continue beyond that.
Here’s what a typical coaching program might look like:
  • Contracting:   Upfront meetings to clearly define the objectives and scope of the executive coaching engagement; initial meetings with the executive being coached, to determine chemistry and fit and to discuss ground rules for the coaching relationship; discussion of deliverables and timing.
  • Intake, Assessment, and Feedback: Initial feedback and intake session with the executive. Utilize existing assessment data (360’s, leadership and behavioral instrument results). If desired, conduct feedback interviews with key stakeholders for added constructive input.
  • Coaching Purpose and Commitment/Learning Plan: With the executive, create a statement of the coaching purpose, what the client intends to accomplish, from which comes a stated commitment to a key leadership or personal goal(s). This can then be fleshed out in a Coaching Action Plan.
  • Real-time Learning: On-going coaching and learning, based on key coaching goal(s) and customized for each executive’s needs; use of self-observation, regular practices and exercises, as appropriate. Regular coaching meetings to review progress, surface important issues, change course as needed, and to support creation of new approaches.
  • Validation and Sustaining Success: Mid-point check-in, to see where executive is with regard to progress on goals; at the close of the engagement circling back to review progress; creation of a going-forward plan of action, to continue work on goals or to create revised goals.  

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